Enhancing Industrial Automation with Innovative AC Inverter Drives

GTAKE is a renowned leader in the field of AC inverter drives, delivering exceptional low-voltage AC drive applications and motor controllers for new-energy vehicles. With a wealth of experience and a strong dedication to research and development, GTAKE continuously enhances drive technologies to elevate the quality of global motor control systems.

GTAKE AC Inverter Drives: Unleashing Precision and Energy Efficiency

GTAKE specializes in designing specialized AC inverter drives, also known as variable frequency drives (VFDs), specifically tailored for industrial automation applications. These drives offer precise and accurate motor control, ensuring optimal performance in various industrial processes. By enabling efficient motor control, GTAKE AC drives contribute to energy savings and improved operational efficiency.

GTAKE provides industry-specific solutions to meet the unique requirements of CNC machining, textile machinery, and crane & hoist applications. By incorporating GTAKE AC drives, these industries can achieve superior motor control, resulting in enhanced productivity and energy efficiency. Whether it’s the precision demanded in CNC machining, the intricate movements required in textile machinery, or the reliable lifting operations of cranes and hoists, GTAKE AC drives deliver optimal performance.

GTAKE Electric Vehicle Motor Controllers: Advancing New Energy Applications

GTAKE is at the forefront of designing and producing innovative electric vehicle motor controllers. These controllers utilize advanced control algorithms and cutting-edge technology, ensuring efficient and reliable motor control in electric vehicles. GTAKE’s expertise in electric vehicle motor control plays a vital role in advancing the adoption of new energy applications and contributing to a sustainable future.

GTAKE electric vehicle motor controllers are renowned for their reliability and high performance. By utilizing these controllers, electric vehicles can achieve optimal energy efficiency and superior performance. GTAKE’s commitment to delivering reliable and efficient solutions helps drive the growth and adoption of electric vehicles, contributing to a cleaner and greener transportation ecosystem.


GTAKE’s expertise in low-voltage AC drive applications and new-energy vehicle motor controllers makes them a trusted partner in enhancing industrial automation and advancing new energy applications. Their AC inverter drives provide unmatched precision and energy efficiency for industrial processes, while their electric vehicle motor controllers drive the efficient and reliable performance of electric vehicles. With GTAKE, businesses can harness cutting-edge technology to achieve optimal motor control, energy savings, and operational excellence.

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