How to Play Mau Binh  Okvip And Pocket Tips For Rookies

How to play Mau Binh is too familiar to many veteran card players. But new recruits will still be quite confused and have many questions. Accordingly, the game requires bettors to know how to arrange cards with acumen to increase their chances of winning. Join MB 66 to learn more about playing Mau Binh.
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Branch links in Mau Binh

When playing Mau Binh, you need to pay attention to the card links. Accordingly, players must create valuable combinations to win. Here are some links in the card game that bettors need to memorize before starting the game.

  • Mau Than: These cards have no association value. Thus, when playing cards, you need to carefully observe the cards from highest to lowest.
  • Pair: These are cards of the same value and go together.
  • Animal: This term means that the combination is made up of 2 pairs of the same value.
  • Sam: Simply put, 3 trees have the same number.
  • Flush: 5 cards of the same suit when played.
  • Straight Crate: This is a link with extremely high damage levels with decks of 5 cards or more.
  • Four of a kind: Like the card Tien Len Mien Nam, the four of a kind of playing Mau Binh are 4 cards of the same number arranged together.

How to play Mau Binh in detail

If you want to have more chances of winning, you need to know how to play Mau Binh. Detailed information about the game rules as well as how to play at  Okvip is shared below.

Rules of playing Mau Binh online

For the Mau Binh game rules, the first part will be the card division. Accordingly, each player will be given 13 cards in a deck of 52 cards by the Dealer. More than half, the number of participants in a game must be from 2 to 4 people. Thus, when you start participating, those 13 cards will be divided evenly into 3 hands. As a rule, the first branch has 3 leaves, the middle branch has 4 leaves, and the last branch will have a total of 5 leaves.

When arranging cards, you need to note that the first limb will be smaller than the middle limb, and the middle limb will be smaller than the last limb. If you don’t do it in the correct order, you will get stuck. On the other hand, when comparing cards, players need to compare the cards first. If they are of the same type, compare the scores with each other. Note that the special type will be compared differently from the regular type.

Play Mau Binh at  Okvip how?

If you already know how to play Mau Binh, please join the exciting card games here  Okvip. With a few easy-to-understand operations, bettors can access this famous card game. How to play card games at the house is shared with the process:

  • Step 1: First, players need to register their personal account at the homepage.
  • Step 2: After completing the registration process, you need to deposit bets into your account
  • Step 3: Next, the player chooses the house’s card game section Okvip on the home screen. Proceed to select the game Mau Binh and choose the appropriate game level for yourself. Bettors need to choose rooms with different betting levels depending on the amount of capital they have.
  • Step 4: Apply the strategies and experience you have to start the Mau Binh card game. If you win, the system will transfer the bonus to your account immediately.

Experience in playing Mau Binh with high winning rate, you should know

If you want to win when participating in Mau Binh, everyone should choose the appropriate way to play. In it, shares from longtime players at  Okvip The following is what bettors should pay attention to.

Play 3 boxes of poker

Playing three boxes of poker is one of the ways to play Mau Binh that bettors should firmly grasp. In which you own large barrels and pairs. With such a card, the player should quickly put the pot into the first hand. Pairs are placed on the last two limbs.

With this style of play, everyone will make sure the limb does not collapse. Not only that, the possibility of receiving rewards from other houses is also higher.

Fight in a 3-knife style

One of the ways to win big when playing Mau Binh is to play 3 knives. According to the sharing from veteran bettors, you should choose the strongest last pair. Couples are classified into other genera. The winning rate will be very high when people apply this method.

Master the secret moves and how to play Mau Binh

For players, Mau Binh playing technique is an important factor. This helps bettors easily participate in Mau Binh betting and be able to apply tips to increase their winnings while experiencing.


We have compiled detailed instructions on how to play Mau Binh through the above article. If you love card games, you should not miss this masterpiece. Attractive bonuses and diverse betting odds will certainly attract a large number of members to participate. Especially don’t forget to apply some of the experiences we share to increase your chances of winning.

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