What is card erasing? The meaning of card erasure in competition

Card removal is the most talked about action on the field. Because these cards appear when players make mistakes during competition. So what effect do these cards have on players? Why do players need to erase their cards? All information about removing cards in football will be Kubet Answer in the article below.
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What is card erasing?

Card removal is the act of removing penalty cards from players’ previous matches. This is a deliberate action by the coaches of the football teams. This will help key and important players play in the next matches.

This action is not pure, with the nature of actively circumventing the law. It will get both coach and player booked. There will then be a suspension in the next match. And when it came to the final decisive match, the player had his card and normal playing status erased.

When does card erasure occur in competition?

Erasing cards will appear according to the coach’s intention in each match. Because according to sports rules, in a tournament, if a player receives 5 yellow cards or 2 red cards, he must be suspended from the next match. 

Therefore, to avoid losing important pillars, the coach will calculate to retain players in important matches. Therefore, many players have chosen to commit fouls in unimportant matches in order to successfully remove their cards. 

Thus, when a player receives 5 penalty cards, they will be suspended from the match they have chosen. In the end, the number of cards was cleared and brought a clean record to the next matches.

Why does the player want to erase his card?

When it comes to card erasing, there are many reasons to explain this method of handling. Because each team will have different tactics. Especially whether the team goes deeper depends a lot on the coach’s calculations.

The position that receives the most cards is the center forward. Because they constantly move to attack the opponent’s field. This leads to disputes and conflicts in the restricted area occurring more frequently.

Therefore, losing key striker positions, capable of creating and scoring goals, will affect the team’s performance. Therefore, coaches always try to preserve key forces for important matches. 

Card erasure has an important impact on the team’s victory. This is the reason why coaches and players always calculate measures to protect their key personnel.

Is the match score affected by removing a card?

The act of deleting a card does not affect the score of the match at all. This is just bad behavior and is not encouraged in sports. However, if this action is not too obvious, it is possible to objectively evaluate the coach’s use of people.

Seeing additional cards does not affect or interfere with the score of the match. This is just a trick to keep key people that football teams are applying. If you are a soccer player, there is no need to worry too much because this will not affect the team’s performance.
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Is card erasing a violation of football rules?

Card erasing is just a trick in football. However, when made too public, removing this card will violate football rules. Because when players intentionally commit fouls in unnecessary situations, this will become foul play in football.

At the same time, if that player does not follow the plan given by the coach, it is easy to be detected as an intentional foul. This action is condemnable because it is not fair play in football. 

These actions take place openly, many times when discovered, players and teams will be suspended and fined. Therefore, no team encourages this because it will give the team a bad reputation.

Some cases of card erasure in history 

In the history of football, there have been a few cases of spectacular card erasures in matches. Information about these cases is:

Seville Gerard Pique

In the Spanish national championship tournament, Sevilla Gerard Pique received 4 consecutive yellow cards in matches. In the following phase of fighting for the ball out of bounds, Pique received another yellow card for kicking the ball out onto the field.

Therefore, he was able to rest in Barca’s match with weaker opponent Eibar. Sevilla’s Gerard Pique had time to recuperate and participated in the classic match with Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramo is the name most mentioned about the issue of removing cards and erasing his clean record. While playing for the Spanish team, Real Madrid, facing a team that was considered weaker than Basel, Sergio Ramos received another yellow card and successfully had it removed.

Sergio Ramo has the right to enter the Champions League knock-out round with 0 cards. Thanks to that, he is completely confident when facing opponents in the next round.


In football, card eraser is a common term for every match. However, intentionally erasing cards affects fair play in competition.  Therefore, players and coaches need to consider appropriately to help preserve their team in important matches.

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