Discover the rules of ginseng and tips for beginners

In the diverse and rich betting entertainment space of New88 casino, known as the ideal destination for betting enthusiasts, Sam Loc stands out as a game not to be missed. This is a thrilling and attractive card game, but do you really understand deeply about Sam Loc and how to become a master in this game? Let’s join New88 to learn the rules of ginseng and tips from experts in the world!
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Brief introduction to the latest updated ginseng game rules

Sam Loc, a version of the card game using a 52-card deck, is widely popular in Vietnam, especially in the Northern region. The special point that makes the attraction of Sam Loc lies not only in the rules of the game similar to Tien Len, but also in the unique and special features that no other card game has. Sam Loc is not only an entertaining game during holidays, but also an opportunity for everyone to gather and create memorable bonding moments.

Basic rules of playing Sam Loc

This game can participate from 2 to 4 players, each person will receive 10 cards. The person with the smallest card will go first in the first game, and from the second game onwards, the winner of the previous game will be the opening player. One of the most important rules is the rotation of cards so that when someone runs out of cards without violating the rotten rules, that person wins.

To gain an advantage in cyclone, players need to pay attention to reading the hand, understand how to block and push their opponent’s cards, as well as know how to effectively use the strong cards they own. For newbies, avoiding rot 2 or being cut into pigs is one of the most basic things to master so as not to fall into a situation of unnecessary loss of points.

Rules of ginseng through some common terms

  • Four of a kind: Is a deck of four identical cards, possessing special power in the game, capable of blocking all number 2 cards. Notably, if you are lucky enough to own a four of a kind 2, you will automatically win that game.
  • Ask village/announce ginseng: This is the action of announcing a player’s readiness to win, allowing them the right to play first and continue to play without being blocked.
  • Village temple: If a player asks for a village but cannot win, they will have to “pay the village”, that is, compensate the other players in the game.
  • Empty: This happens when a player wins without having to play cards, usually when possessing four of a kind or a series of 10 cards of the same suit.

How to play Sam Loc is simple

Basically, Sam Loc plays similarly to forward, starting with the player who plays the first card and continuing with the next player trying to “block” that card by using a larger card or a long chain of cards. than. A special point is that four of a kind can block card number 2, and if you have two of a kind, you can block a pair of two.

Strategy and rules of ginseng

When you have one card left, you need to inform the other players. This forces the player in front of you to try to block the cards to prevent you from winning. If they are not successful, they will have to pay the village, with the payout corresponding to the total remaining cards of the other players, plus a 2 and a four of a kind.

Tips and experience when applying ginseng playing rules

  • Don’t leave the last 2: This is very important because if you have the last two left, you will lose and have to pay the village.
  • Know when to stop: Don’t let yourself lose control when playing, set limits for yourself to avoid wrong decisions due to fatigue or emotions.

Choose carefully: Choosing a reputable place to play is very important to avoid being scammed or having your account hacked. Reputable places to play also regularly have attractive promotions and incentives for players.
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Why is ginseng so attractive at New88?

New88 not only provides a dramatic and exciting playground but also ensures a fair and transparent betting environment. Gamers can enjoy this game at any time, thereby improving their personal skills and strategies. With a professional customer support system, all players’ questions and problems are quickly resolved, creating a betting experience that is not only fun but also safe and convenient.


With the information and tips shared above, hopefully you will be able to equip yourself with information about the rules of playing ginseng. So if you are new and want to try your hand at gin cyclone, New88’s entertainment space is the ideal destination for you to start your journey to conquer and become a master in this game.

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