Dragon King Fish Shooting New88 – Super Fish Shooting Game for Money 2024

Dragon King fish shooting Neu88 is causing a storm in the market thanks to its extremely new features. The combination of fish shooting with the theme of dragon kings and mermaids has created great attraction in the fishing community. Detailed information about this hot fish shooting game will be shared by New88 below.

Introducing a new game – Dragon King Fish Shooting New88

Dragon Fish Shooting is an interesting card exchange fish shooting game also known as Dragon Fishing. This game was released a long time ago by the famous Chinese game publisher Yuegame.

Launched in 2019, Dragon King Fish Shooting quickly gained attention on forums. It succeeded in creating a buzz thanks to its beautiful graphics, innovative gameplay and many interesting features.

InNew88, Dragon King Fish Shooting is always the game with the most visitors and top experiences. Combining the advantages of the game with the strengths of the house, bettors have the opportunity to enjoy the market’s leading fish shooting masterpiece.

What’s good about New88 Dragon King fish shooting?

The name Long Vuong Fish Shooting partly represents the theme and design of the “characters” in the game. The delicate blend of mermaids and dragon kings has created a unique, top-notch fish shooting environment. With New88 Long Vuong fish shooting, fishermen will experience satisfactory fish shooting thanks to the following strengths:

Top notch design

There is no need to say much about the graphics of Dragon King Fish Shooting because this game possesses super beautiful images. Sea creature design from real life inspiration, harmonious and suitable colors. The details of the context and effects are also done very carefully and meticulously.

Thanks to that, when shooting fish for prizes, fishermen will feel the vividness and fun in a realistic way. Combined with clear sound, professional sound processing. The process of hunting fish becomes much more lively.

The fish system is diverse and rich

The surprise when playing Long Vuong New88 fish shooting also comes from the fish species appearing in the game. There are many species of fisherman that feel strange, new, and have never been seen anywhere before. The richness of species and unique shapes make the battle under the ocean more exciting and desirable.

Special fish species not only have a visual effect but also provide the opportunity to earn high scores. The bigger the fish, the more beautiful the fish, the more special the shape, the more valuable treasures you will receive when you hit it.

Interesting extras

In addition to the basic rule of shooting fish to accumulate points, Dragon King Fish Shooting at New88 bookmaker also has many other interesting features. The highlight is the “unique” system of gifts and treasures.

To get many valuable things, besides hunting fish, fishermen can also pick up treasure chests, accumulate pearls and other valuable items. These things, when converted, will help you have a decent amount of money in hand.

New88 Dragon King fish shooting rewards transparently

Playing Long Vuong fish shooting New88 earns a lot of points, which fishermen can simply convert to real money. The house provides maximum support to players in the process of redeeming rewards. This time is very quick, the process is transparent. Therefore, when you want to exchange fish hunting points for real money, just meet the basic conditions and choose the form to complete.

Weapons in the Dragon King fish shooting game

Dragon King fish shooting at bookmaker New88 also owns a huge arsenal of weapons. In addition to basic weapons, the publisher has added many new special types to add drama to the hunting process. Below are unique weapons that fishermen can use when playing Long Vuong New88 fish shooting.

  • Basic gun: Average performance, default from the beginning of the game, suitable for shooting medium fish.
  • Advanced guns: High range, high performance. Suitable for shooting fish with lots of blood, strong fish, and large fish.
  • Laser: Can shoot continuously and automatically towards the target.
  • Explosive bullets: Once activated, it will create a certain explosive area, eliminating all surrounding objects.
  • Freeze gun: Able to freeze the target for a short time.
  • Automatic gun: Installed to shoot fish automatically, saving operation time, press the button for the player to bet.
  • Fish suction gun: When used, it will attract fish towards you to take advantage of close distance to destroy them all.

Instructing fishermen to shoot Long Vuong fish New88

If you want to experience New88 Dragon Vuong fish shooting, please read and follow the detailed instructions below:

  • Step 1: Go to the New88 betting website and log in.
  • Step 2: Select the Fish Shooting category, select the game lobby.
  • Step 3: Choose the game Dragon King Fish Shooting and start. Note, before playing, you need to buy items and fish guns. To do so, the member account needs to have money.
  • Step 4: Perform operations via keys or mobile touch screen to navigate the fish gun. With each successfully destroyed fish, your score bar will increase. While playing, pay attention to the number of bullets as well as the remaining time.
  • Step 5: At the end of the game levels, if you want to exchange money, choose the appropriate form.

In fact, the New88 Dragon King fish shooting experience is much more unique. The game has beautiful images, clear rewards, many weapons, attractive game modes. Join the playground, hold a gun and hunt for the most authentic assessment and experience.

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