Empowering Solar Energy: Sunway Solar’s 3-Phase String Inverter

In the realm of renewable energy, Sunway Solar’s 3-Phase String Inverter stands as a powerful tool for harnessing solar energy in residential and small commercial PV systems. This innovative inverter series, ranging from 10kW to 25kW, offers exceptional performance and reliability.

Unleashing Solar Potential

Sunway Solar’s 3-Phase Solar String Inverter series is designed to unlock the full potential of solar energy. With power ratings ranging from 10kW to 25kW, these inverters are capable of efficiently converting sunlight into usable electricity for residential and small commercial applications. By seamlessly integrating with PV systems, they ensure optimal energy harvest and maximize the return on investment.

Robust and Durable Construction

The unibody housing of Sunway Solar’s 3-Phase String Inverter is crafted from high-quality aluminum, providing robustness and resistance against corrosion. This construction enhances the inverter’s durability, allowing it to withstand various environmental conditions. The strategic integration of external inductors ensures efficient heat dissipation, contributing to improved reliability and prolonged inverter lifespan.

Intelligent Monitoring and Control

Sunway Solar’s 3-Phase String Inverter offers advanced monitoring and control capabilities for seamless operation. Through the integrated Wi-Fi module, users can conveniently monitor the system status via an online portal or mobile app. This real-time access enables users to stay informed about their solar power generation, optimize energy consumption, and identify potential issues promptly.

Exceptional Performance

Equipped with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology, Sunway Solar’s 3-Phase String Inverter ensures efficient energy conversion by dynamically adjusting to the optimal voltage range of the PV system. This feature maximizes the power output, even when facing shading or fluctuating sunlight conditions. With low output current total harmonic distortion (THD), these inverters provide clean and stable power for connected electrical devices.


Sunway Solar’s 3-Phase String Inverter series brings solar power utilization to new heights, enabling residential and small commercial users to harness the abundant energy of the sun. With its robust construction, intelligent monitoring, exceptional performance, and comprehensive safety features, this inverter series offers a reliable and efficient solution for maximizing solar energy harvest. Embrace the power of solar with Sunway Solar’s 3-Phase String Inverter and pave the way for a sustainable future.

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