Enhancing Safety and Style: DAYA’s Slate Texture Resin Shower Tray

In the realm of luxurious shower experiences, DAYA takes the lead with its innovative Series I, featuring a remarkable 2000mm shower tray. This textured and non-slip shower base is designed with safety in mind, catering to the unique needs of shower base wholesale clients focused on the B-end market. With a commitment to excellence, DAYA ensures that the 2000mm shower tray seamlessly combines safety features and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for customers seeking a reliable and stylish solution.

Crafted for Safety

DAYA’s Series I presents a stunning slate texture resin shower tray, offering more than just aesthetic appeal. This feature is especially advantageous for clients prioritizing shower base wholesale in markets catering to older adults, individuals with mobility challenges, and households with children. With a resilient composite composition, including 93% resin and mineral fillers, the 2000mm shower tray not only promises enduring quality but also provides a secure foundation for a stylish and safe shower experience.

Versatile Specifications

Understanding the diverse needs of shower base wholesale clients, DAYA offers flexibility with the Series I shower tray. Ranging from 80 to 200 cm in length, 70 to 90 cm in width, and standing at a height of 3.3 cm, this shower tray caters to various bathroom dimensions. The drainer’s impressive flow rate of 25.8 l/min ensures efficient water drainage, adding to the practicality of DAYA’s shower tray for shower base wholesale applications.


In conclusion, DAYA’s commitment to safety, style, and versatility is evident in the Series I slate texture resin shower tray. With a focus on the B-end market, DAYA provides shower base wholesale clients with a reliable solution that meets the unique demands of safety-conscious consumers. Elevate your offerings with DAYA’s innovative shower tray, where form meets function seamlessly.

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