Enhancing Trailers with Quality Craftsmanship from DNL – A Trusted Trailer Parts Manufacturer

In the realm of trailer parts manufacturers, one name stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability – Qingdao DongLu Industries Ltd. (DNL). Specializing in crafting jockey wheels, trailer jacks, corner steadies, parking jacks, and various other metal parts crucial for trailer functionality, DNL has become a trusted ally for those seeking excellence in the world of trailer components.

The Backbone of Trailers

DNL’s products serve as the backbone of trailers, ensuring their safe and efficient operation. From supporting the weight of the trailer and its cargo to providing stability and balance, these quality-made parts play a pivotal role. Jockey wheels, a flagship product from DNL, take the spotlight in maneuvering trailers into tight spaces and offering additional support during loading and unloading.

Stability at Every Stop

Beyond jockey wheels, DNL’s trailer jacks, corner steadies, and parking jacks contribute to stabilizing trailers when parked, preventing tipping or shifting during crucial moments of loading and unloading. Every metal part, from couplers to safety chains and suspension systems, is meticulously designed to ensure safe and secure trailer operation.

Diverse Applications

DNL’s products cater to a diverse customer base, including trailer manufacturers, distributors, and individual trailer owners. Their appeal extends to those regularly transporting heavy or bulky loads, such as contractors, farmers, and outdoor enthusiasts. By delivering high-quality, durable, and reliable metal parts, DNL plays a vital role in supporting the transportation needs of its customers, ensuring they stay safe on the road.


In conclusion, DNL’s dedication to quality craftsmanship places it at the forefront of trailer parts manufacturers. As a reliable partner in the journey of trailer excellence, DNL continues to elevate trailers’ functionality with its range of meticulously crafted products, providing stability, balance, and safety on every journey.

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