Great Experiences When Playing Lieng New88

Lieng New88 is an online game that many players participate in. The attraction of this game is that it does not limit players, but is easy to play and easy to win. Many people have made high profits from this game at now!.

Some brief details about Lieng New88

Lieng is a card game that is very popular in Vietnam and many places around the world. To play this game, you need a deck of 52 cards. With fast, bold, and unexpected gameplay, this game brings strong emotions to participants.

To participate in a game of Lieng New88, you need to understand the rules of the game as well as the popular types of Lieng.

Common terms when playing Lieng New88

To win this game, you need to learn more about the terms used in the match. These terms are quite easy to understand, just read them once and you will remember them immediately.

What is “wax” when playing Lieng?

The term wax implies three cards with similar numbers. For example, three 5 cards will be called straight 5, three 9 cards will be called straight 9.

If two players in the match both have high cards, then the referee will compare to see whose card has the highest value and will win. The law in Lieng stipulates that the largest wax is wax A, and the smallest wax is wax 2.

The term “sacred” in the article

Normally, if there are three cards coming into a straight, it is called a lie. For example 4,5,6 or 2,3,4. In a match, there may be many opponents of many people. At that time, players will compare to see whose number has the most numbers, that person will win.

In Lieng New88’s regulations, the highest rank is J, Q, K. If there are two players with the same rank, comparisons will be made in another way. At this point, players will compare each other’s cards. The suit will be calculated in descending order: hearts, diamonds, diamonds, and spades.

The term “photo” in the article

Cards with pictures will be called picture cards. For example, the J, Q, K cards in a deck of cards. If you own three picture cards in the match, you will have a very high chance of winning. If two people have the same pictures, we will compare the cards.

Terminology points in the article

What if your cards cannot be combined into shapes such as pictures, sacred cards, or wax? At that time, the dealer will calculate the total score for you. The pictures will not be counted. For example, if you give yourself a card J, K, 10, your score will be 0. But if you give yourself a card K, Q, 7, your score will be 7.

Firmly grasp the rules of Lieng New88

In a Lieng game, the dealer will use a deck of 52 cards. In each turn, you will receive three cards lying face down. Your task is to think of a way to reveal your cards. Your cards will be published when the game ends and the house calculates the points.
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Normally, with basic card matches, the number of players will range from 2 – 6. Participants will receive a number of cards and go through intense betting rounds. The winner is the person with the highest score in the final round.

Normally, a game of Lieng will have three rounds of betting. However, there will also be some exceptions such as:

  • In the game there is only one person left
  • There exists a person who does not fold cards
  • No need to pay additional bets

Just like Poker or Poker, Lieng New88 has a fairly simple betting form. But to be more suitable for Vietnamese people, the scoring method is more simplified. This makes Lieng quickly become a favorite game in our country, attracting many participants.

How to choose to bet at Lieng New88

After receiving three cards, you will have many choices for yourself in betting. Choosing a betting method helps you decide the win or loss of the match.

Choose to put your cards face down to avoid maximum losses

If you feel your cards are not strong enough, you can think about this form. Odd cards, with a total score of 0 – 3, are considered weak cards.

To avoid losing a lot of money, you can choose to face down your cards. This causes you to lose your initial bet. But don’t worry too much, you will quickly earn that money back in the next times you play.

Choose by card – Safe victory

If you see that your cards have many beautiful combinations or high total scores, you can choose according to the cards. Once selected, the player will place a bet. The bet amount must be equal to the amount the person above bet.

Betting options – Psychological manipulation

To manipulate the psychology of the next player, you can choose to raise. With this method, players will place more bets. The bet amount will definitely be larger than the amount the upper player just placed.

This makes the following players confused and worried about deciding whether to follow or abandon the bet. This is a challenging secret used by many players.

Choose to go all in – Challenge your luck Lieng New88

If you believe in your Lieng New88 cards, choose this form. Players will bet all the money they have on the match.

If everyone has placed their bets, the house will calculate your total score. The player with the highest total card score will be the winner.

Useful experience when playing Lieng New88

To win when playing Lieng New88, you need to master the following tips:

Understand the rules of the game: You need to master the knowledge of how to play, commonly used terms, how to calculate points, and how to create effective card combinations. This will help you hold 50% of your luck in winning.

Be cautious in the first steps: To evaluate the situation of other players at the table, you need to observe carefully. Focusing on the first moves helps you identify each person’s weaknesses. Through that, you will find a wise decision for yourself.

Choosing a betting round: Need to know how to choose a skillful round of cards when playing Lieng New88. You need to choose strong card rounds to bet on. You should also not be too greedy and choose weak cards to go all-in.

Judge the abilities of the players at the table: By observing the playing style, gestures, and facial expressions of each player, you will know their personality. Through personality, you will understand how your opponent plays cards and bets.

Use a few little tricks: A few confident actions and facial expressions will fool other players. Use tricks to mislead your opponents and win.

Maintain your spirit: Concentration is always necessary in every Lieng New88 match. Try to stay focused, not distracted by your opponent’s provocations.


The above article has shared with you all the detailed information aboutLieng New88. Hopefully, the above knowledge will help you gain more gaming experience. Grab your phone and play Lieng now!

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