How to deal with warts

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. The skin is the most susceptible to infection or injury. Many skin conditions can be contracted at some point in your life. Mill Creek warts is a common skin condition. Common skin issues that can affect your skin include Mill Creek warts. Below are some details about the condition and possible treatments.

What is Warts?

The human papillomavirus can cause warts. This virus can cause rough bumps on your skin. This virus can spread easily from person to person by touching. They are most common on the hands, but they can also be found on the feet, legs, and genitals.

These are not cancerous and can occur when the HPV enters a cut or break in your skin. Children are more susceptible to the virus because they are more likely to get it from multiple cuts. This virus can also be transmitted to elderly people with weak immune systems and those suffering from autoimmune diseases.

The classification of warts is determined by the body part where they are located. These are:

Flat warts are those that affect your forehead or face.

* Common warts refer to those that are on your hands

Genital warts can occur in your vagina, penis or rectum. These are sexually transmitted diseases and can be passed to others by coitus.

* Plantar warts can be found on the soles and heels of the feet. They look like calluses, but have small black dots in their centers. They are painless and can be found in large groups.

* Subungual or periungual warts can form under or around fingernails and toenails

The HPV can also be transmitted from one person to another via:

* Touching anything containing the virus such as towels and doorknobs

* Direct contact with a wart

* Cuticle picking, nail-biting

* Genital warts and sexual intercourse

* Shaving

The appearances of the warts can affect signs and symptoms.

* Flat

* Dome-shaped

* Choose a color that matches your skin (e.g., black, brown or gray).

* Rough texture

Treatment and Diagnosis

A simple observation of the skin bumps may suffice to diagnose you. The doctor may request a sample of your skin to check for HPV.

The immune system can fight off warts naturally. They can spread and cause pain so your doctor might recommend the following:

* Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart and form a blister. This can be removed later

* Compound W, a medication available at your local pharmacy that contains salicylic acid to dissolve the layers of warts one by one.

* The laser light can be used for heating and eliminating small blood vessels within the wart.

* Immunotherapy is a treatment that helps your immune system fight the virus. The wart is eliminated by topical chemicals.

Warts can cause discomfort and pain, but most importantly, they can make you look unattractive. To improve your appearance, reduce scratching and itching, a wart specialist may be necessary. For any questions, visit our Mill Creek, WA office or check us online.

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