Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger – Great tips to win huge bets

Online betting games today have many different types. The game Dragon Tiger is one of them. If you are an experienced player in the house, you must have heard of this game. This is a super hot online card game chosen by many players. So instructions How to play Dragon Tiger What’s the simplest? Good tips to win big prizes? Register for Trang Chủ New88 for more useful information right below this article.

Brief introduction to Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger card game originally originated from our country’s neighboring country, Cambodia. This is an online betting game with 2 doors: Dragon and Tiger. For each door, 1 card will be dealt.How to play Dragon Tiger You need to bet on the one you believe will have a higher win rate. The win will go to the person who chooses the door with the higher score on the card.

Basic instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger are simple and easy to understand

To grasp How to play Dragon Tiger Now players need to visit the official website. After that, bettors should create their own account to participate in the game. Next, fill in the necessary information and click the confirm registration button. Once you have established an account, click on the casino category on the home page. Finally, select Dragon Tiger game on the toolbar and select Play now.

To open in How to play Dragon Tiger Then drag your mouse on the door you want to bet on. Next you need to press the confirmation button to complete the betting step. If you win that turn, the entire bonus will automatically be transferred to your account.

Principles of how to play Dragon Tiger Online

Each online card game has different rules and conditions.How to play Dragon Tiger is also among them. Requires players to understand some rules to come up with the wisest strategy. Below is some information that bettors need to note:

  • Dealer: Represents the dealer and is responsible for mastering the game. The system will automatically deal cards to all players who bet.
  • Dragon: This is the red gate representing the Dragon bet.
  • Tiger: This is the blue port that represents the Tiger bet.
  • Tie: The representative symbol is a blue tie. In case the score of 2 cards is equal, it will be considered a tie. The player will lose 50% of the bet to the house. On the contrary, if the player wins, he will receive 100% of the remaining bet amount

The secret to playing Dragon Tiger is easy to win big prizes

How to play Dragon Tiger online is extremely simple and easy to understand. However, to win big, players need good strategies. Below are some easy-to-win tips:

Choose to prioritize betting on the Dragon door

Advice for those who do not have much experience is to choose the Dragon door. Although the betting bonus payout rate is not high. However, the percentage of this port with a higher score is not small. So if you know how to choose the Dragon door, you will accumulate more bonuses.

Bettors should not bet on a Draw

According to statistical probability, the win rate of a Draw is only 12%. So don’t choose the door if you want to gain bigger prizes in this super hot game. Draw is also not suitable if the bettor wants to receive a lot of profit.

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Tips for choosing bets on 3 consecutive numbers

If you are not an expert, you should choose this method. This is called the formula for brushing your hands three times in a row. According to the experiences of many players, this is an extremely effective way. Easy to apply but also guaranteed to make money, even earn a decent amount of money.

Research the history of previous bets

Never rush into deciding to bet without any specific strategy.How to play Dragon Tiger To be careful is to study the results of previous games. From there, you can figure out a reasonable playing plan and card rules. This strategy will help players’ winning odds increase.

Super top double betting strategy

This is considered a popular formula applied by many players. Not only in the online game Dragon Tiger but also appears in other games. Here it is How to play Dragon Tiger To perform a quick trick:

  • Step 1: The player chooses any door to bet on, for example betting on the Dragon door.
  • Step 2: If you lose in the first round on this door, continue betting on the Dragon door in game 2. The point to note is that the bet amount here will be double that of the first game.
  • Step 3: In case you lose 2 consecutive games, continue to choose the Dragon door. Similarly, players need to double the bet amount in the second game.
  • Step 4: If game 3 loses, don’t be discouraged and double your bet in the next game. However, if this game wins, wait until there is a new losing game. Players will make bets starting from step 1.

The above article is a guide How to play Dragon Tiger. There are also tips to share about how to play or easily win big prizes. Hopefully this article will help bettors in winning this interesting game. Visit for more detailed information about this super hot card game.

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