JINPENG: The DK 2 Passenger Tricycle: Redefining Comfort and Safety

JINPENG, an established company in the electric car industry, is revolutionizing urban mobility with its impressive portfolio. The DK 2 Passenger Tricycle is a versatile and pleasant alternative, with a wide cab and ergonomic seats for superior passenger movement.

Rain and Sun Protection for Uncompromised Comfort

The DK 2 Passenger Tricycle prioritizes passenger and driver comfort and safety, even in unfavorable weather. With built-in rain and sun protection features, occupants can travel without worry. The tricycle’s design includes a canopy or cabin that shields it from the elements, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Enhanced Visibility and Safety with High-Brightness Headlights

JINPENG prioritizes safety with the DK 2 Passenger Tricycle’s high-brightness high-beam headlights. These headlights improve visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions, enhancing driver confidence and making the tricycle more visible to other tricycles, ensuring optimal safety on the road.


The DK 2 Passenger Tricycle by JINPENG offers a spacious cab, a comfortable ride, weather protection, and high-brightness headlights. It ensures safe and comfortable travel in any weather, reflecting JINPENG’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. With reliable functionality, it’s a popular choice for individuals seeking comfortable, safe, and eco-friendly transportation.

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