Phoebe Buffay from “Friends” Invented Feminism in Sitcoms

“Friends” is a sitcom that discusses the lives of six friends who live in the same apartment complex in Manhattan. The story is based on their everyday adventures, friendship, love, and family. It is a super happening and funny show where each episode makes you laugh and some will also make you cry.

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Well, coming back to the point, we love Friends for being super unconventional for its time and if we have to pick our favorite character in the show, it would be Phoebe Buffay. Phoebe is badass, she is pro-feminist, and we absolutely love her for her attitude. Here are a few things that she does as a feminist and we adored her for that.

She is Badass

One thing is for sure. When it comes to being badass, no one could do it better than Phoebe. She knew how to give a shut up call to people. She was never afraid of standing up for what was right. And most importantly, Phoebe was street-smart and she did not care what others thought of her.

Apart from that, there were layers of intelligence hidden under Phoebe’s appearance. Even though she came off as dumb, in many instances Phoebe had the most intelligent things to say and had her own reasons. She was rather opinionated.

She Taught Rachel to Prioritize Herself

We all remember the episode where Phoebe asks Rachel “who is the boss of you?” to which Rachel is intimidated and says, “You”. Phoebe then teaches her that Rachel herself is her boss and she needs to speak for herself and needs to do what she likes.

This is the episode where Joey moves out, and Rachel and Phoebe go to get tattoos. We love how fiercely Phoebe tells Rachel to do what she wants and that Ross is not her boss.

Phoebe is Pretty and She Knows It

In multiple instances, we see how Phoebe knows pretty well how to take a compliment. When someone tells her she looks pretty she says “well yea”. Besides, we also see in her personality how she never needs external validation to know that she is pretty or good.

She knows her value and never settles for toxic men who validate her for her beauty but do shitty things.

She Gave a Shut up Call to Ross’s Mansplaining

In Friends’ episode “The One Where Heckles Dies”, Phoebe and Ross have a heated discussion on the theory of evolution. We see Phoebe clearly saying that she doesn’t believe in many things but that doesn’t make them any less true. When they ask her what those things are, she mentions evolution. Then Ross starts constantly mansplaining to Phoebe about how she is denying a huge universal truth.

Even when Ross is able to explain it, Phoebe comes up with a more difficult question for him, and also keeps mentioning that she is not denying evolution, yet Ross has to prove it to her. She finally tells him that people believed for a long time that the Earth was flat and half a century ago atom was considered the smallest matter up until it was also split open.

Then she finally gives him a shut up call by telling him he cannot be so unbelievably arrogant to not see that there might be a teeny-tiny possibility that he could be wrong about his belief in evolution. Well, besides the fact that Phoebe absolutely gave a shut up call to Ross’s mansplaining, the writers did an excellent and genius job here.

Phoebe Chose a Very Unconventional Form of Childbirth

Besides being badass, knowing her worth, and being able to deal with people’s mansplaining, Phoebe was never narrow-minded. When her brother needed her, Phoebe did not care about societal standards and helped her brother with giving birth to his triplets. She carried the babies for him and his partner and gave birth to them.

In this case, not only Phoebe but Rachel, and Monica also gave birth in the most unconventional ways. This sent a very beautiful message that all forms of childbirth are beautiful.

She Was Never Afraid to Say “No”

Another thing that we loved about Phoebe Buffay was that she knew how to say no and didn’t have to come up with excuses. In the very initial episodes, we saw how she says no to small things and just says that “I wish I could but I don’t want to.” If someone wants to learn to set boundaries, Phoebe is the person to go to.

In Conclusion

In our opinion, “Friends” is one of the best sitcoms because of the diverse characters we see. We have seen the six friends grow and stick together through thick and thin. Besides that, when it comes to feminism and standing for what is right, we believe that Phoebe Buffay invented feminism in sitcoms.

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