Revolutionize Your Smart Home with the akubela HyPanel Pro Control Panel

akubela, a leading provider of cutting-edge smart home solutions, presents the HyPanel Pro Control Panel. This innovative device serves as the central command center for your smart home, offering unparalleled control and customization. With akubela’s expertise and dedication to creating intuitive and advanced technology, the HyPanel Pro Control Panel transforms your home into a fully connected and intelligent living space.

Making Legacy Devices Smart: Extending Smart Home Control

The HyPanel Pro Control Panel goes beyond traditional smart devices, allowing you to control legacy appliances with its built-in infrared capability. akubela’s smart home control panel seamlessly integrates these devices into your smart home ecosystem, enhancing convenience and efficiency. With the HyPanel Pro, you can enjoy the benefits of a smart home even with your existing appliances.

Aesthetics and Functionality Combined: A Stylish Addition to Modern Homes

akubela understands the importance of design in creating a harmonious living environment. The HyPanel Pro features an 8-inch glossy touch screen with an ultra-thin bezel, providing a visually stunning display that brings the panel to life. Its sleek all-metal body and decorative metal strip add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any modern home. The HyPanel Pro is not only functional but also a stylish statement piece.

Safeguarding Data and Privacy: A Priority for akubela

With akubela, data privacy is of utmost importance. The HyPanel Pro supports operation via the local network, ensuring that your personal information stays within the confines of your home. Additionally, the built-in 5MP camera comes equipped with a privacy shutter, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a smart home while maintaining control over your data and privacy.


The akubela HyPanel Pro Control Panel revolutionizes the way you experience your smart home. With their expertise in smart home technology, akubela has created a control panel that seamlessly integrates legacy devices, making them part of your smart home ecosystem. The HyPanel Pro’s sleek design, featuring an 8-inch glossy touch screen and an ultra-thin bezel, adds a stylish and upscale touch to any modern home. akubela’s commitment to data privacy is evident in the HyPanel Pro’s support for local network operation and the inclusion of a privacy shutter on the built-in camera. Trust akubela’s team to deliver a smart home control panel that not only enhances convenience and functionality but also prioritizes your data privacy. Elevate your smart home experience with the akubela HyPanel Pro Control Panel and embrace the future of intelligent living.

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