The Top-of-the-Line Mobile Terminal That Will Take Your Company To New Heights

Inventory management is one of the most critical factors in success for individuals in the retail industry. The practice of monitoring, controlling, and maintaining an ideal inventory level is known as inventory management. All of these processes were formerly manual. Learn how an intelligent mobile terminal streamlines inventory management propels your organization to new heights in this article.

In the past, staff manually reviewed incoming orders and put goods into inventory systems, which left room for error and increased the risk of dead stock, overpayment to suppliers, and unanticipated stock outages. Using PDAs to scan products and verify product integrity would be a solution.

In many different business settings, including wholesale apparel, jewelry management, retail inventory, asset inventory, warehouse management, and so on, handheld RFID scanners are frequently employed. Operators can do the stock inventory more quickly and correctly thanks to RFID technology. On their RFID handheld readers, the operators receive prompts about the state of the products. As a result, the store can prioritize purchases depending on item profitability without being taken off guard and risking stock outrages.

Introduction of UROVO’s portable RFID scanners

The intelligent handheld terminal UROVO DT50 UHF includes an exceptional portable RFID reader. The inbuilt 5dBi high-sensitivity RFID antenna can scan a wider area and enable speedy reading of several RFID labels within 20m. It provides two hours of continuous code scanning and long-lasting endurance thanks to high heat dissipation material and design technology, matching with an optimized algorithm, low power consumption, and quick heat dissipation.

Why should you select UROVO?

UROVO is committed to providing mobile apps. It employs over 1200 people, has over 10 subsidiaries, and operates in more than 100 nations and areas. Smart data terminals, intelligent payment terminals, and specialized printers are the company’s primary product categories. For clients in logistics, retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, government, transportation, and other industries, Urovo offers digital solutions built on intelligent terminals.

The DT50 UHF can be a fantastic place to start if you want a high-quality handheld RFID scanner.

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