Unleashing Reliability and Performance: Hermetix’s Wholesale Service for TO-60 Hermetic Headers

Hermetix‘s TO-60 hermetic header stands as the epitome of excellence in hermetically sealed packages. With its glass to metal sealed technology, this product ensures superior protection for sensitive components. Hermetix takes pride in offering a wholesale service to distributors and agents, empowering them to provide their customers with unparalleled reliability and high-performance solutions. Join us as we delve into the robust construction, rigorous testing, customizable features, and the added value of Hermetix’s wholesale service.

Robust Construction and Superior Protection

The TO-60 hermetic header boasts a robust construction that guarantees optimal protection for sensitive components. The glass to metal sealed headers provide a secure and stable environment, shielding the critical components from external factors that could potentially compromise their performance.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

Prioritizing quality, Hermetix subjects each TO-60 hermetic header to a battery of rigorous tests. These include insulation resistance, bending, tensile strength, aging, and hermeticity tests. By undergoing these stringent assessments, the TO-60 headers demonstrate their compliance with industry standards and their ability to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

Hermetix Wholesale Service

Hermetix’s wholesale service enhances the value proposition for distributors and agents. This service empowers them to access a reliable supply of TO-60 hermetic headers, enabling them to meet the demands of their customers efficiently. By partnering with Hermetix, distributors and agents can streamline their operation, reduce lead times, and offer competitive pricing to their clientele. Additionally, Hermetix’s commitment to providing exceptional customer support ensures that distributors and agents receive the assistance they need throughout the entire wholesale process.


Hermetix’s wholesale service for TO-60 hermetic headers redefines reliability and performance in hermetically sealed packages. The robust construction, rigorous testing, customization options, and the added value of seamless integration and long-lasting performance make the TO-60 headers an exceptional choice for critical applications.

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