Websites that offer free meme generators

These websites offer many popular, trending and featured templates that you can use to make memes online. You can upload an image from your computer to some of these meme creators to create your own meme.

This list contains freewebsites that allow you to create meme online. Memes are very popular these days and are trending on social media. Meme lovers in mind, I decided to review some free online meme generators.

These websites may place a watermark on any memes that are generated. You can also download free meme-creating software to your computer if that is an issue.

These websites are Meme Creator (imgflip), Meme Crunch (Troll MEME Generator), MemeCenter, Meme Crunch (Troll MEME Generator) and MemeCenter.


Meme Creator allows you to create memes online for free. You can choose from a variety of templates, including those that are trending or browse. You can also upload any image from your computer. You can add a caption to your meme, and you can save it. The watermark will appear in the bottom right corner of your image. You can share your memes on many social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. You can edit or modify the meme using the Recreate option. You cannot download the meme directly from it. To do so, right-click on the meme and save it as an image.


imgflip allows you to create memes online using free meme generator websites . The website has a simple interface and allows you to upload any image from your computer. You can customize the font style, font size and shadow as well as highlight, outline, caps, caps on/off, color, font color, font color, font color, font size, shadow, outline, and margins. You can add another text box to the text input field. You can also add an image to your meme. You can also use the drawing tool to create freehand drawings. This website also allows you to add a scumbag cap to your character when creating memes.

After creating the meme, you can click the generate button to save it as a JPG file. A watermark will be added to the bottom-left corner of the image. Register and create an account to store your custom images in our database. Otherwise, the image will not be saved on the server.

Meme Crunch:

Meme Crunch offers free templates that you can use to make memes online. You can enter the desired text in two text input fields (Top or Bottom). You can adjust the text size by using the plus or minus buttons.

It also offers a checkbox for each input field, which you can uncheck or check to enable or disable caps. This free website allows you to give a title to your meme and offers options for sharing it on social media sites like Facebook, Reddit and Tumblr. After you have made all your selections, you can make a meme online and then download the image from the context menu as a PNG file.


MemeCenteris a meme-generator website . It allows you to quickly create memes by using popular templates or uploading your own image. You can select the font style you prefer while creating memes. You can adjust the text size and alignment. You can drag the box to adjust the position. You can add a new caption to this free website that generates memes. After creating your custom meme, you have the option to save it to your computer as a JPEG file or to upload it to MemeCenter. You will need to create an account. The final meme is generated with a watermark at the bottom right corner.

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