Here are some tips on how to fix Bluetooth headphones when only one side works

Bluetooth headphones often only work on one side, which is why many users find them frustrating. Social media is a great place to look for solutions.

To fix Bluetooth earbuds, restart the headset. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to reset Bluetooth or pair.

You can also check your phone’s audio settings. If this fails, you can check the audio settings on your phone/computer.

These solutions are described in the following article. This article will show you how to fix Bluetooth headphones which aren’t connected or sound jerky.

This article contains tips to determine if your headset only functions on one side.

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Why does Bluetooth only work on one side of the device?

Let’s take a look at possible reasons why your earbuds aren’t working properly. These are just a few of the possible causes. If you do not see your wireless headphones, call a technician.

Bluetooth headphones that fail to connect to the transmitter often have problems. Many Bluetooth wireless headphones and transmitters have problems pairing.

For example, one device can be connected to another. Although Bluetooth headphones are a way to connect multiple devices simultaneously, they aren’t widely used.

Oder is caused by a blocked connection line, which is often caused by long-distance interference or other signals.

Broken ear

This condition is easily visible with the naked eye. You should also consider the severity of your fracture.

If the damage isn’t too severe, you can repair it wirelessly. You can use masking tape to fix the problem wirelessly if it is more severe. It would be a good idea to replace your Bluetooth headphones.

Audio file error

Bluetooth headphones can’t play all sounds.

A possible cause could be an error sound file. You may mistakenly believe the other side is unavailable because some audio files have priority on one side of your headset. You can also read about solar-powered outdoor bluetooth speakers

Repair Bluetooth Headphones That Only Work on One Side

Fix wireless Bluetooth headphones when only one side works

Even if the Bluetooth headphones have been connected correctly, the headset will not work. Broken wires can cause one side to not be able hear the other. Please refer to the video for more details.

How do I fix a Bluetooth headset not working?

Bluetooth headphones, that don’t link

How to fix Bluetooth headphones that don’t connect

Refer the user manual.

Many headphones automatically pair mono tracks upon first use. Bluetooth headphones are widely available and don’t require installation. This is false belief.

Jlab Audio CEO Win Cramer had a nightmare when his Bluetooth headphones stopped working the second time. It is best to refer to the user manual if the Bluetooth headphones fail to connect to the transmitter.

When you purchase Bluetooth headphones, you will receive a paper or a detailed user manual. The manufacturer will provide instructions on how to pair your headset.

You can hold down the power button for several seconds. Bluetooth wireless headphones may require a different connection. Touch-controlled headphones, by example, will require a separate link.

Disconnect other devices

Bluetooth headphones cannot be connected to more than one transmitter. Bluetooth headphones also can’t be used with multiple devices at once.

Once connected to an iPad, Bluetooth headphones can’t be used to connect to other devices. This is a common principle with most headphones.

Bluetooth headphones can now be used with multiple playback devices simultaneously, making them more versatile.

You can disable your Bluetooth headphones by connecting to another device if they stop working. The most popular type of Bluetooth headphones is the one-ear.

If the Bluetooth headphones are disconnected, they will automatically return to their original pairing mode. Connect to the Bluetooth headphones by selecting the transmitter.

Disconnect your headset from your device

Two Bluetooth headphones cannot be connected simultaneously to your transmitter. You should also make sure they are not connected with any other headphones.

Your Bluetooth headphones will automatically pair when your phone turns on. They will pair as long as they’re within range. To avoid this, you can delete the Bluetooth connection from your smartphone’s memory.

Open Bluetooth audio settings to remove Bluetooth headphones. Click the I> icon beside your Bluetooth headphones. Click on the I> icon next to your Bluetooth headphones to dismiss them.

Android devices work the same way. Only the symbol used is different, but both the operation and the location are the same.

Closing The Gap

When you listen to music, the sound can get choppy and your headphones may stop working. The transmitter could be too far away, or the connection line may have encountered many obstacles.

Bluetooth headphones can be connected within a range from 33 to 100 feet. This distance is only possible in open areas, so make sure there aren’t any obstructions or other wifi signals that could interfere with your movement.

The solution to this problem is to bridge the gap between Bluetooth headphones, transmitters and receivers. Other signal generators should be avoided.

Other reasons headphones don’t work.

If your headphones don’t work for any other reason.


Bluetooth headphones require a battery in order to function. To ensure the headset functions properly, we recommend fully charging it. Bluetooth headphones that are not fully charged can stop working. Visit Gramhir to find out more information

Some headphones will still work even though the battery level is below 0%. However, it will drain quickly and cause a decrease in sound quality. Charge the battery even if you have a little bit left.

Check that both devices are compatible.

Make sure that two devices are compatible

Bluetooth headphones, like many technological devices, have seen many changes. Many Bluetooth headphones offer many modern features to meet every user’s needs.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest technology in headsets. Bluetooth headphones can connect to virtually all devices that use this technology.

Older Bluetooth headphones might not work with certain transmitters such as phones and computers.

You will need to make sure that your Bluetooth version supports your headset before you can troubleshoot it. Next, ensure that your Bluetooth headphones are compatible with your computer or phone.

Clean your headset.

Bluetooth headphones should be clean and dry to produce a clear sound. Bluetooth headphones that have become linty, waxy or dirty will not produce the desired sound.

Make sure that your Bluetooth headphones are clean. Bluetooth headphones can get lint and dust from being left in your pockets, shirt pockets or bags.

Wipe the device clean with a dry cloth if you find dirt. Use a microfiber cloth to absorb water.

Listen to the audio

Bluetooth headphones sometimes can’t handle certain audio formats. This is because the headset works in one direction.

Your one-ear headphones may not be the problem. It would help to investigate the root cause. Sometimes interference can cause headsets not to work.


Every model comes with different specifications and working methods. You should now carefully examine the parameters of your device.

Bluetooth headphones allow users to reset all settings. For more information, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

These are the top-selling Bluetooth headphones on the market. Turn off your headset first, then turn it on again. If it has one, hold the power button down for a few seconds.

Bluetooth earbuds that can be controlled by touch will be the first to go. You can adjust the volume to make it work again if this fails.

Check the audio jack connection balance.

Many people don’t know that wireless headphones such as the iPhone, Mac and Windows PC can adjust the sound to the right or left. This feature is offered by carriers to assist hard-of-hearing customers.

It is possible that your Bluetooth headphones are not working properly on one side. Now that you have modified the settings, you can change the stereo sound by using the settings on the transmitter.

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